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Подготовка к лету: процедуры для упругости тела

Swaddling, laser heating, sculpting massages and other effective measures

Icoone Laser

This device includes three technologies at once: laser lipolysis, LED and patented MMAS (stimulates the production of fibroblasts and activates cellular renewal processes). The body attachment is a roller with holes that form a vacuum when in contact with the skin. The touch is very tight. “This gives maximum precision and deep treatment of every millimeter of the skin without damaging the tissue. For massage, you can use two attachments simultaneously, symmetrically affecting blood circulation and lymph flow. The device has 36 programs that can be combined with each other. The course is designed for 8-10 procedures,” says Olga Likholetova, massage therapist and esthetician at the Millefeuille salon (Frunzenskaya).

Vaser liposuction

Vaser is a relatively new technique for removing excess fat. “Problem areas are treated with ultrasound. Accumulated fat cells turn into an emulsion, which is either removed using special tools or processed by the body itself. “The procedure is carried out in a short time, and the rehabilitation period takes a minimum amount of time – about a week. The advantages also include the absence of visible scars and a lifting effect. Thanks to the influence of ultrasonic waves, the fat layer is split. This is one of the safest, least traumatic and qiuqiu pkv gentle procedures,” explains Lyubov Gower, plastic surgeon, candidate of medical sciences.

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Любовь Гауэр

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