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Как сэкономить на пластической операции

Previously, plastic surgery was not available to everyone. The operations were considered expensive. However, recently everything has changed. In the modern world, only the lazy have not thought about “embellishing” something or bringing back lost youth. But the issue of price still worries every second patient. Whether it is possible to save money on plastic surgery and how to do it, Lyubov Gower, a plastic surgeon, candidate of medical sciences, told Vechernaya Moskva.

The main thing is to save without compromising your health. Typically, the price of surgery depends on many factors. This includes the qualifications of the surgeon, the conditions of the clinic, and the type of plastic surgery itself. It is worth paying attention to the equipment of the medical institution and the doctor’s work experience. The complexity of the operation and the individual characteristics of the patient also affect the cost. You need to be careful when choosing a clinic. After all, if you try to save money, you may encounter certain risks.

Both the low price tag and the overly inflated cost of plastic surgery should alert you. Conduct a comparative analysis of the price list of the clinics you have chosen and find out the average cost of the surgical procedure you are interested in.

Many clinics often hold various promotions and discounts. Usually in the summer the cost of surgery drops by ten percent or more. Why? During the summer, people usually go on vacation. Therefore, promotions are a so-called measure to attract customers. The main thing is not to pay attention to something like: “90 percent discount.” Remember that plastic surgery a priori cannot be too cheap. It is important to choose a clinic very carefully, based on recommendations from friends and patient reviews. In pursuit of savings, it is easy to catch an infection and earn a “bouquet” of problems. In any case, do not be fooled. The quality of the materials used, the skill of the surgeon, the clinic – all this must correspond to the price of the operation.

The best way to save money is combined operations. Many clinics are willing to provide a significant discount on several combined procedures. However, you need to be very careful, since there are operations that cannot be combined with each other.

Advantages of combined operations

  • Lower cost. Often, many clinics run promotions that allow you to perform several operations at a significant discount.
  • Save time. The necessary tests for several operations are taken once. Therefore, you will not need to waste time coming for the same procedures several times. Which, it is worth noting, are not entirely pleasant.
  • The rehabilitation period is not extended.
  • The body is anesthetized once.

Doctor Lyubov Gower is sure that the fashion for a large bust is becoming a thing of the past / Photo: From the personal archive of Lyubov Gower

Disadvantages of combined plastic surgery

  • Operations that are not compatible with each other.
  • Limitation of surgical intervention.

Many people often combine a facelift with eyelid correction or chin liposuction. However, with qq rhinoplasty, it is better not to do any surgery on the face or head. Abdominoplasty is recommended to be combined with liposuction, which is often performed not on one area, but on several. Breast surgery goes well with any facial surgery. Correction of protruding ears is also a non-fussy operation. It can be combined with both rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty. All the nuances of future operations must be clarified by the surgeon during a preliminary consultation. The specialist will not allow combining operations that may adversely affect the patient’s health. It happens that the patient simply does not need to correct several zones. Therefore, be sure to listen to the advice and recommendations of the surgeon.

In general, the combined pkv games operation time should not exceed five hours. It is important that the body has the opportunity to recover after. Because the load during combined operations increases significantly.

Remember that savings are different. What you definitely shouldn’t do judi bola euro is save money when choosing a clinic and specialist. This won’t lead to anything good, so it’s not worth taking the risk for a couple of thousand. In this regard, the patient’s first priority is to find an experienced, good surgeon. A qualified specialist will definitely tell you how to ensure that the upcoming operation does not go beyond the family budget. And at the same time, it will take care not only of your wallet, but also of your health.

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Любовь Гауэр

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